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By Geko
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As a general rule, when you want to post/share screenshots or files here at GiG, please upload them in GiG forum.

I know that there are plenty of external services where you can upload images, but using those external websites would/could slow down GiG pages that you are trying to load. In addition, most of the time, those free providers delete your screenshots after a few weeks which is not good to keep discussion’s history.

Here the process to upload some screenshots in GiG:

01 – Taking a screenshot

To take screenshots, I am using Jing from TechSmith, it is a small and quite useful apps which allow you to take screenshots and save the file on your computer, and there is also a useful option to send your screenshots on a server to share them in chats like skype.

I am not promoting it but I find it really useful, here the link:


They have some tutorials which explains how to use it, believe me it is really easy to use it and a must have.

02 – Drag & Drop Upload

The most convenient way to upload screenshots is the Drag & Drop method.:

Just select a file from your desktop (for example)
Drag it and drop it in the area where you write your message


03 – Upload attachment

The easiest way is to use the Upload attachment method:

Bellow the area where you compose your messages, there is a tab named “Upload attachment”.

Click it to select it.
And then click on ADD files.


04 – Arrange your message with your attachments

Once your attachments were uploaded you will see them below the “Upload attachment” tab.

During the uploading process, you will notice the upload %.

Once done:
- you can add a description to your attachment,
- you can delete it by clicking the arrow,
- you can place your attachment anywhere in your message by click on the “Place inline” text. This option is really useful when your write a message with multiple screenshots.
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