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Forum for Naked Trading
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By Geko
 Rank: Admin    Posts: 776


Naked trading (without indicators) doesn’t mean that we can’t have some tools to help us with our trading.

Here is a tool which can help to navigate between charts, save & open templates, set alerts, keep the status of potential setup / potential trades / open trades and that in no time.

It means that you can have only 1 chart open with your Trade Monitor on it, and each time you want to monitor a chart, in 1 click it will appear, whatever the pair or the timeframe (which save quite some time).

Here is a screenshot of the Trade Monitor:

On the screenshot above (just a random example), the color would mean to have a closer look at the following charts for those reasons:

- EURGBP D1: Potential Setup Formation
- EURUSD H4: Potential Trade Setup
- GBPJPY W1: Trade Open
- NZDCAD H4: Potential Trade Setup

Instead of taking notes in a note book this tool can help to keep and have a quick view at what is going on.

Once a chart is open after a click on the small square, the chart’s will appear with the previously saved templates (here the default template with the tool):

You can make your chart analysis, draw lines and place text, and all those manual objects will be saved for further usage and reference.

You can also set alerts at your area of interest (PH/PL) and even if the pair’s charts are closed, the alerts will be managed by the Trade Monitor tool.

PS: the Trade Monitor tool comes also as an EA, even if it is not managing (opening closing) any trades. More explanations in the PDF user guide.
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By Geko
 Rank: Admin    Posts: 776


In the PDF user guide, I explain how to generate fresh templates for all your charts.

It is applicable especially for those who start from scratch like me.

If you already have most of your charts opened and analysed (with some manual notes and trendlines on them with your levels and PH/PL…), then you can use another way to save your templates.

For every single instrument that you have already analysed, open the instrument’s chart, and then attach the Trade save tool on them, customize the Trade save tool as you want (show/hide buttons, show/hide legends, choose how and where to display the buttons).

Once done click on the save button to save the template. It will save the template which will be used by the Trade Monitor tool.

With this method, you will have to repeat this step for every single chart.

Please note that if you have an instrument’s chart opened multiple times with analysis on different timeframes, you will have to choose which chart to save. You can save only one template per instrument. If a template is already saved and you repeat this process, it will overwrite your template.

Once the process is done for all your charts, you can close all your charts and keep only the Trade Monitor tool chart open.
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By Kilo
 Rank: Senior Trader    Posts: 27


Hi Gecko, I am having issues with the alarm not working. I have my chart with the Save Indi attached and a separate chart with the monitor ex attached, everything is set up as per usual but no alerts are getting pushed to my phone anymore, I have push activated. I have attached the settings file.

Also I was wondering if there is a expiry on the EA?

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By Geko
 Rank: Admin    Posts: 776


Hi Kilo,

Concerning the expiry, yep, all GiG tools have an expiry date because of scammers :devil:

More explanation are available in the Welcome in GiG thread. At the moment the current expiry date is set at mid year this year and I will update it as usual before its end.

Concerning the alerts let me check here tomorrow and get back to you.

Have a nice evening :-)
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By Geko
 Rank: Admin    Posts: 776


Finally I just had the time to test it now before kitchen time.

Working fine here, have you turned on the option in the settings "Email Alert ? = True" ?

Which version of the Monitor are you using, EA or Indicator? Here I performed the test with the EA version as it is the one I am using (more versatile), if needed I will test with the indi version.

PS: all your settings are ok in MT4 option? have you tried to click the test button to see if you receive the mail...

PS: concerning the other question with the chart's tool "save" I never had any issue so far and I cannot mimick it, can you explain how and when you have this issue.
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