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By roxx12
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Hello Trades,

iam here from FF, talked to Forexpinbar a while ago about the GIG Dashboard. Iam using it for 1.5 months, but still have a problem like Xande in July

http://www.greed-is-good.com/forum/view ... 4d20#p1482

My DB is opening trades for 10 seconds, then close it without beeing next to a close of a candle (11:59:50 for example). It is completely random. Then it opens a normal basket with the adjusted Pips/cash settings in TP/SL. This Basket is working, but after this close again a "10 seconds basket" is open.

Settings are D1/H1 with T/F, T/T, F/F, F/T. Testing everything, but i dont know how to avoid this small baskets. Version is 1.15 GIG.

Can someone recomment a solution or a setting i change?

Use close all trades at a specific hour: false
Broker ECN: false (dont know if this is important for this. tried it, no change)
Use session open hours to open basket: false

Open trades on Monday ... Friday: true

Thanks a lot in advance
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By Ted thedog
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I have spent all week trying to get the EA to automatically open trades without a solution.
I can open trades manually
even when the trading time icon is green valid signals are not opening
I think it may have something to do with the time which is not updating on the display

I am using a demo account with icmarkets
my local time is GMT+4 (muscat)

Screen shot attached, any help appreciated

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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By conrad666
   Posts: 1



im little newbee in this,

Have a short question....in manual it says" You needed 3 charts loaded with cccpf indicator and EA on them" must dasboard indicator be loade on every pair ? or ?

i think i have all downloaded and installed all... Any guys that have a "template" that can use, small lots to start with..

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