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By Geko
 Rank: Admin    Posts: 776


Attached you can find the CCFp Dashboard.

This thread can be used to discuss and share ideas about the CCFp dashboard.

This CCFp (Complex Common Frames percent) Dashboard is based on Forexpinbar thread at FF: Link.

You can find more information's about the CCFp concept here and here.

This Dashboard can be used to generate signals and/or as an EA to trade multi timeframes setups with various combinations of settings.

The Dashboard includes various Money Management for individual trades and baskets of trades and includes also a special money management mode for baskets. The Dashboard includes also various filters. More on this in the user guide and in this thread.

Below you can find a few screenshots with the Dashboard main functions.

In order to have a better understanding of the Dashboard, please make sure to have a look at the PDF User Guide available in this post.

When you hover your mouse over any information’s displayed on the dashboard it will give you additional information's.


As the Dashboard is well advanced, I purposed to create some dedicated thread per users for those who wants to share results and have their own thread (by dedicated I mean thread where you are the only ones who can post). It will make it easier to follow user’s results and settings as users would be the only one who can post.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to create personal threads per users as Phpbb manage permissions per forum (and sub forum).

But fortunately, it is possible to create personal forums… So, I have started to create personal forums where users can create their own thread.

To keep the forum organized properly, I have moved those personal forums into this section:

…. Users forums


If you want to have your own dedicated forum, just drop me a PM ;-)

Once your sub forum is created, then you will just have to create a personal thread into those journal like: “Forexpinbar’s CCFp results”.

In most forums, users don’t have their own thread where they can share results and so it makes it difficult to follow each user ideas/results/settings. (Like in FF).

I hope this way to share and allow users to have their own space will help to get more visibility and organization.

I think organizing, sharing and comparing results will be of great help for all of us to find the best settings.

Now that we have some great tools to trades this strategy, testing and comparing results will be the crucial part.

Links to member's threads:

Link: Click me to go to Geko’s CCFp results

Link: Click me to go to Firewight’s CCFp results

Link: Click me to go to Forexpinbar’s CCFp results

Link: Click me to go to Mrdfx’s CCFp results

Previous Counter DB Download: 197
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By Geko
 Rank: Admin    Posts: 776


Dashboard update available in post 1

- Basket SL & TP based on individual pairs ADR available
- Live update of the basket negative/positive result available

PS: pdf User Guide update also available in post 1.

Have fun ;-)
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By firewight
 Rank: Global Mod    Posts: 183


Hey this thing is pretty amazing!

I've been through the user guide and seeing as I've come from the FF thread of the same nature I think I'm pretty clear on most things.

I do have 1 comment however that I have noticed and feel like it could open up more favorable scenarios.

My other system basically allows me to create multiple baskets (all managed individually), however it also allows me to use different MA settings for each of the CCFp indicators being used. So I could have different fast/slow MA settings for EACH of the CCFp indicators being used for my baskets.

This amazing dashboard whilst having up to 4 CCFp options, only has a global MA option which controls all 4 of the CCFp signals (please correct me if I am wrong)... This make it less versatile when trying to combine options.

Just letting you know.

Hopefully you will consider adding the MA options for each of the CCFp sections in a future upgrade.


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By Geko
 Rank: Admin    Posts: 776


First concerning the typo issue, I am not sure where to look at it. I have checked in the signals column and here they are correct, if you have more infos I will fix that asap ;-) PS: in your screenshot the 3 setup is for a buy isn't it ?

Concerning the MA option. You are right, but from my point of view the main decision point should made between the various setup TF, FF, FT and their potential combination, and also with potential MTF setup.

If it appears that one of the setup (TF, FF, FT) is more profitable we a specific MA and that another setup (TF, FF, FT) is more profitable with another MA, off course I will include such an option.

For the moment, I think it is not a priority, the priority is to find which setup is the more profitable (TF, FF, FT) for which timeframes and with which Trade Level and if the Trend Direction is a good filter (from first tests it is definitely a great option).

Do not hesitate to stop me if I am wrong, it is not such an issue to code that.

PS: you can attach your screenshots directly into the forum it will make it easier to load the images, you can just drag and drop the files when you type your message ;-)

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By Geko
 Rank: Admin    Posts: 776


Hi Guys,

Post 1 updated with latest DB version.

As suggested by Forexpinbar, I have coded a Candle Direction Filter into the Dashboard.

You can set up to 3 Timeframes Candle Direction filter e.g: Monthly, Weekly, Daily.

You can also set the shift values (0 would mean current open bar, 1 last bar closed, 2 the previous bar).

Default value set to shift 1 the last bar closed.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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